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להלן מס' מכתבי ממליצים, מחולקים לבעלי דירות ולשוכרים (עברית/אנגלית):

מכתבים משוכרים


Hello Sharon,

I would like to thank you for your service, you helped us find the home that we were looking for and with lots of patience. You also went out of your way to fine us new tenants to take over our existing lease in such a short time.

I would recommend you to anyone I know is looking for a home or you can always send anyone to me to get my recommendation as it would be my pleasure.

Kind regards,

David Cozocaru


Dear Sharon,
We wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, helping us to find just the right home for our family in RBS. We appreciate that you were very kind and picked us up, dropped us off, and spent the time we needed on the phone to dicuss with us all of the details involved in procuring a rental. You took the time away from your family to drive us to house after house, making sure we were satisfied with the neighborhood and the community. We are grateful for your time and energy and would be happy to reccomend your services to our friends making aliyah. Sincerely, The Bells


Hi Sharon

We have settled in to our new home on Noam and want to thank you for your kind advice and service.

In our limited time to see apartments on our pilot trip, you showed us what we specified in location, size and price range unlike other agents that wasted our time. Even though we couldn’t decide on our pilot trip you were the only agent that kept us informed on what’s available while back in England.

Thanks for the photos and your patience; we really felt you wanted to help us.

We are enjoying the flat and Israel so much, however meeting with the landlord last week, we asked about extending the contract. He didn’t want to discuss it, but hinted they will be wanting to move back – I know we have until January-but keep us in mind please.

Thanks & wishing you much success, health & happiness always.

Kind regards

Mrs. Haddad


We had a wonderful experience dealing with Sharon Shahrabani who found us our first apartment in Eretz Yisroel. She went our of her way, finding many options for us to choose from, was sensitive to our needs and literally made our Aliyah possible. We highly recommend her for anyone making Aliyah or just relocating in Eretz Yisroel.

Rabbi M. Goldstein


מכתבים מבעלי דירות


שרון המקסימה

אנחנו רוצים להודות לך מעומק ליבנו על כל מה שעשית למענינו בכל נושא השכרת הדירה: העיצות המחכימות, ההארות והטיפים לגבי מראה הבית ותנאי השכרתו, האכפתיות הכנה, הם אילה שבאמת עזרו לנו להשכיר את הבית מהר יותר ולאנשים המתאימים לנו.



יהודית ר. רמת בית שמש א'


I enjoyed very much the professional approach and the efficiency in finding suitable tenants for my RBS flat. I can only recommend! Ch.B.
שלום רב

כלקוח ותיק של אחוזת הארץ אני מבקש להודות מעומק הלב לכל הצוות בראשות גב' שרון שהרבני על השרות והטיפול המסור והמקצועי בטיפול בהשכרת דירות בבית שמש

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